Mining Exploration Caravans For Hire Adelaide

Our South Australian depot is located in Quorn. As with both our other locations we carry an excellent range of mining exploration caravans for long or short-term hire.

Ranging from fully refurbished caravans through to brand new Explorex caravans with all the latest features and creature comforts our exploration caravans are ideal for single prospectors or major mining companies alike. Mining companies often hire our caravans to use as bunk houses for overflow accommodation.

All caravans are fitted with the following safety features - RCD’s, smoke alarms, fire extinguisher and fire blanket. Our newer vans are fitted with the Breaksafe Breakaway Switch which activates the brakes on the caravan should it become separated from the towing vehicle. All mining exploration caravans are air conditioned and sizes range from 5.5m single axle to 10.0m tri-axles.

We will deliver to anywhere at any time so why not call us now to see what caravans we have available.

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